Brands are too obsessed with celebrities on social media

Brands are focusing too much of their time and effort on getting early adopters and celebrities to engage with and share their video content when they should be concentrating on the “second wave” of influencers who have the power to make or break a campaign, according to new research.   Research unveiled at Cannes today […]

We Talked to Viral Superstar F*ckJerry About Building a Meme Empire

On an abnormally hot day in early May, I walked into FuckJerry’s one-room Chinatown office. In an unsuspicious-looking building, the large fourth floor space serves as headquarters for the meme connoisseurs, and is fully decked out with an oversized American flag, a green screen, and an arcade-style basketball hoop. A beige cardigan laid spread out on […]

Watch Scooter Braun Discuss Managing Justin Bieber and Working With Kanye West

Scooter Braun is best known for discovering Justin Bieber, but the 34-year-old music manager has added plenty of other things to his resume in recent years. From founding management firm SB Projects and managing 10 music artists to his involvement with Internet start-ups Uber and Spotify, up to recently signing close friend Kanye West. Braun […]

Beme Is a New Social Media App That Kills Self-Consciousness

Things have reached a narcissistic fever pitch when it comes to social media as selfies and average filters have reached unprecedented level of proliferation. YouTube personality Casey Neistat is intent on changing that with the invention of a new app, Beme. The social media app attempts to reduce self-consciousness in preference for more authentic sharing by creating […]

Why Rdio died

It’s easy to forget now, but the first modern music streaming service to arrive in America was Rdio. Like its founders, Skype billionaires Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, Rdio was awkwardly spelled and a little hard to pronounce. When it arrived in August 2010, the smartphone era was young enough that the company offered a […]