Erick Kristian

Erick Kristian

Ideas, Storytelling & Free Thinking

“Create Reality”

My passion is writing and storytelling. 

Stories are what unites people. Stories heal, inspire, entertain and teach. They make light of the abstract, they bring the unknown into the known. 

In all that we do we create our own reality, separate from objective truth. In that respect, reality is a construct of a combination of both truth and narrative. 

Our senses perceive the world in amazing ways; each unique to the individual. Yet, it is the context, history and interpretations attached to those senses that create the mythology or ethos of a person. It is in the ever present moment that character and the hero’s journey are forged.




  •  “Justice and Honor” –  Drama
  • “Commodity” – Drama
  • “Green Card” – Comedy
  • “Jump” – Corporate Crime Drama
  • “Greed; The Rise Of” – Crime Thriller
  • “The Helsinki Affair” – Spy Thriller
  • “A Life of Disguise” – Crime
  • “Dream Warrior” – Fantasy
  • “Stilettos & Shotguns” – Thriller
  • “All These Sins I Can’t Defend” – Thriller
  • “The Myth of Edward Wells” – Drama
  • “The Revival” – Period Drama


  •  “Blackhats” – Drama
  • “Shattered Dreams” – Comedy