App Monetization: 6 Bankable Business Models That Help Mobile Apps Make Money

Why are you building an app? Yes, you want to cultivate loyalty, create company awareness, gain new mobile customers, provide a benefit, and more. Often, mobile apps are another marketing channel for your brand and after everything you’ve put into getting it launched, you also expect it to be a solid source of revenue.

Viv: how Siri was always meant to be

In 2011, Siri became available to the public, deeply integrated inside iOS on the new iPhone 4S. It kindled thousands of discussions about the inception of a ‘personal voice assistant’. Siri wasn’t made by Apple: in fact, Apple bought SIRI (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) from Siri, Inc. which was a spin-off from SRI International […]

Instagram kills newly launched ‘Being’ app, which saw 50K downloads its first week

In case there was any doubt where Instagram was drawing the line when it came to its shutdown of third-party feed reading apps, it appears that its decision to revoke API access doesn’t just extend to those that offer an alternative means of browsing the photo-sharing service. It also reaches apps that offer an expansion of what you can do […]


Last week, it was revealed InstaAgent, a third party Instagram app, was stealing users credentials and using them to post unauthorized photos to accounts. In what can only be considered a direct result of this news, Instagram has announced a massive change in policies that will dramatically impact third party apps by limiting how much developers are able to […]