What I did and learnt to successfully launch an iOS app (x-post /r/entrepreneur)

My name is Rupert, I am a cofounder at Dribble (http://www.playdribble.com/) heading up marketing and growth, and below is how I launched our iOS app. My hope is that this will be useful for anyone else who was in my position a few months ago (launching an app for the first time). There are many ways one […]

Snapchat Is Reportedly Raising $650 Million, Valued At $16 Billion

Snapchat could be eyeing more funds along with a huge valuation. According to CNBC, Snapchat may be going after $650 million in equity, which would bring the ephemeral messaging app’s total value to $16 billion. CrunchBase notes Snapchat has already received $848 million over the course of seven funding rounds. And Business Insider notes Snapchat is currently valued at about $15 billion, thanks to a $200 million Series E round led […]

Source: Snapchat Cofounders Unloaded Personal Stock for $20 M.

A source familiar with Snapchat’s recent round of funding said that the teen sensation’s two twenty-something cofounders, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, each received $10 million in secondary funding as individual shareholders. According to the source, that combined $20 million was on top of the $60 million Series B the company raised at an $800 million pre-money valuation.

Inside Silicon Valley Empire of the geeks

THE English have Silicon Fen and Silicon Roundabout, the Scots have Silicon Glen. Berlin boasts Silicon Allee, New York Silicon Alley. But the brain of the tech world is the ecosystem in and around San Francisco. Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs and innovators, technologists and moneymen are busy revolutionising nearly every aspect of the global economy.

Basics of Software Development Every CEO Should Know

What is AWS? What is iOS, or Ruby on Rails? These three terms are just a few examples of the software development concepts that every CEO should know. For some leaders, words like hotfix or website wireframe are understandably foreign, and no matter your industry, a basic grounding in software development can help you identify, […]

Apple Music Connect’s ‘Clunky’ Posting Process Detailed by Indie Artist

After the launch of Apple Music earlier in the week, many users began searching and following their favorite artists on Apple’s new social platform Connect, which aims to showcase new songs, videos, and pictures to fans of artists like Pharrell, Dr. Dre, and more, directly within the app. The process that artists have to take […]