Instagram kills newly launched ‘Being’ app, which saw 50K downloads its first week

In case there was any doubt where Instagram was drawing the line when it came to its shutdown of third-party feed reading apps, it appears that its decision to revoke API access doesn’t just extend to those that offer an alternative means of browsing the photo-sharing service. It also reaches apps that offer an expansion of what you can do […]

Will Facebook Inc.’s New Snapchat Challenger Succeed?

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) recently started testing out disappearing messages on its Messenger app for select Android and iOS users in France. In a press release, Facebook stated that “disappearing messages give people another fun option” for communicating on Messenger. However, Facebook didn’t state if it will test the feature in other countries.

Snapchat’s lackluster ad business threatens $16 billion valuation

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Snapchat, maker of a free mobile app that lets users send videos and messages that disappear in seconds, is struggling to gain traction with advertisers, fuelling investor concern that its $16 billion valuation isn’t justified by a business that hasn’t yet shown it has a steady source of income.

Defining Viral Growth for Mobile Apps

Virality is a contentious topic within the field of mobile app development because it is almost impossible to precisely instrument: due to the way most app platforms (such as the App Store) are architected, almost all viral mechanics lose scope as soon as a user engages with them.