Dopamine for Dummies

Dopamine is probably the most studied neurotransmitter, and yet the neuroscience literature contains a huge variety of perspectives on its functional role. This post summarizes a systems-level perspective on the function of dopamine that has motivated several successful drug studies and informed the construction of artificial neural network models. The details of this perspective are […]

Camouflage from face detection.

The name is derived from a type of World War I naval camouflage called Dazzle, which used cubist-inspired designs to break apart the visual continuity of a battleship and conceal its orientation and size. Likewise, CV Dazzle uses avant-garde hairstyling and makeup designs to break apart the continuity of a face. Since facial-recognition algorithms rely […]

Be Better at Life by Thinking of Yourself Less

It was the 2015 IAAF World Championships, and Ashton Eaton was dead tired. Eaton, as you may know, is a two-time Olympic champion decathlete who some say is the greatest athlete of all time. Still, he had his work cut out for him: In order to break the world record, he needed to run faster […]

Healthy Body, Unhealthy Mind

MANY of my friends were shocked some years ago when I cut down on my junk-food intake. Even my wise old physician was a little put out. He had more or less given me the green light to the “golden arches” a few years before when, one afternoon, following my annual checkup, he’d asked me […]